We help inventors and new product innovators protect and develop their inventions into highly commercial winning products.

Our wealth of experience within the fields of product development and design, product imaging, idea generation, prototyping, branding, packaging, patent protection and our network of business partners, including researchers, prototyping houses, manufacturers, marketing companies and specialist consultants, makes us the perfect innovation partner.


We are a new products design consultancy




Whether its to prepare a patent, register a design or file a trademark, our job is to guide you through the minefield of IP, help you choose the right protection that suits your needs and place you in a stress free environment so you can focus on developing your ideas. Click here for more details

Free professional impartial help and assistance aimed at ensuring you progress forward in the right way and in the right direction.

Every year thousands of inventors fail to capitalise on their discovery. Some fail because of the quality of their idea, some fail because they have taken the wrong path, and some fail because they have failed to appreciate the skill, investment and dedication required. Converting a new idea into a commercial product is not difficult. The key is knowing what to do and having a clear plan to implement it. As innovators and pioneers, we are passionate about our industry, how it operates and moves forward. We see inventors and new product innovators being at the heart of our future and are committed in making sure that those who strive to make our world a better place are given the chance to commercially succeed. We offer a free impartial advisory service to all those who are passionate about their discovery and are committed in taking their idea forward. We offer free professional assessments and commercial advise to all those who need help. If you need help and are wondering how to progress forward, please give us a call. We guarantee that an hour with us, will open your eyes to a new way of thinking.

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The consultation is free and without obligation to use our services.


  • An insight into the patenting process and what is required from you as an inventor.
  • The processes of developing your new innovation and the standards you need to achieve.
  • A viability assessment on your invention and your chances of reaching a successful conclusion.
  • A viability assessment on you and your ability to convert your idea into a winning success.
  • A step by step guide as to what you should do next.
  • The pitfalls you may encounter and how to overcome them.
  • A list of things you should not do.
  • Plus anything else you wish to know.


Successful product development starts off by understanding many important factors, needs, desires, preferences, attitudes, competition.

Attempting to progress a new project without considered research is like driving a car without a steering wheel. Using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, we are able to formulate innovative design and strategy recommendations that ensures each project starts off on the right foot. Our research shoots from the ground and works it’s way up – from concept acceptance to application. Creating something new should never be left to abstract or maybes.

  • Conceptual evaluation and brainstorming

  • Market analysis

  • Competition analysis

  • Cradle to grave insight

  • User requirements

  • Design trends

  • Materials, application and technology

  • Production insight and application

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Taking a new idea and transforming it into something tangible requires skill, vision and imagination.

In developing a new product you must have the ability to think inside and outside the box. The construction and overall design must be unique to make it stand out from the rest, whilst maintaining the products objectives. Equipping ourselves with market and consumer insights, we are able transform preliminary concepts into highly innovative, appropriate and thoughtful designs. Our design team consists of industrial designers, engineers and manufacturing specialists working together in a creative, collaborative environment. This fusion generates products that look great, work well and can be economically manufactured.

  • Product styling and ergonomics

  • Product graphics

  • Industrial design

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Pre-production and manufacturing

  • Specifications and technical data

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A picture says a thousand words.

Being able to see your product or idea before it physically exists is crucial for the success of the project. Rendered images are great for market research and presentations to potential investors and customers. They can also be used in product catalogues before the product has even been manufactured. Our computer generated photo realistic renderings are the most cost effective way of communicating and exploring your ideas. We use the latest software, materials and surface finishes that can be applied to a 3D CAD model and rendered to give truly amazing results.

  • Product visuals

  • 3D renderings

  • 3D models

  • Fly through tours

  • Illustrations

  • Virtual photo shoots

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In todays competitive marketplace, your image, brand and pack has to break through the clutter and reflect the positioning of you and your product.

Packaging design when executed correctly attracts customers to buy products. It’s about persuading a customer to choose your product over the competition. Whether it’s a innovative box, clever brand, innovative use of colour, fonts or graphics – our goal is give your product the edge when fighting for shelf space. With a wealth of creative and technical packaging experience, we can provide you with a brand and branded package that is unique and original, providing your customers with a truly new experience that will not be forgotten. We will provide you with the first impression sparkle that will differentiates you from the competition and encourages people to take positive notice.

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand innovation

  • Brand identity

  • Packaging concepts

  • Packaging and structural design

  • Packaging enhancements

  • Construction development

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In today’s fast changing business environment your image and how you present it, plays a key role in becoming and staying successful.

Each piece of communication material should be designed with a specific audience in mind and a message that is directed at them. All meaningful marketing material must have a clear message and identity – it must create an instant positive presence. It must provide an uplifting experience that makes the reader take notice. Through our collaborations with leading design studios, we offer a comprehensive graphic design service. Our graphic design partners approach each project with years of commercial experience, resulting in work that is brilliant, unique, highly effective and relevant.

  • Corporate identity

  • Brochures, literature and stationary

  • Direct mailers

  • Exhibition material and banners

  • Advertising and creative concepts

  • Websites and new media

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Prototypes are the means in which potential customers, manufacturers and investors can see and feel what’s on offer.

They are the result of a series of creative achievements that enables a product to be truly born, a product that is unique and brilliant, a product that fulfils expectations, a product that feels and works great. Through our network of resource partners, we are able to offer a full and comprehensive range of prototyping facilities. Combining the latest in rapid prototyping technology with traditional methods, we are able to deliver commercial reality to a variety of projects, from simple plastic parts to comprehensive machines.

  • SLA, SLS and FDM rapid prototyping

  • CNC milling and machining

  • Vacuum and rim casting

  • Prototype tooling

  • Modelmaking

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Working with Inventability

We are a innovation design studio dedicated to developing new inventions, ideas, products, forms, functions and services. We provide a complete range of creative development services based on realistic and commercial design, smart thinking and efficient approaches. Our process is a multi disciplinary approach combining traditional design disciplines with social sciences, psychologists, environmental specialists and engineering. For each project, we assemble a team with the appropriate balance of skills and disciplines. The interaction of these disciplines stimulates a creative and commercial approach that achieves the corporate objectives. We utilise the latest technology and embrace emerging technologies and processes, whilst developing our own methodologies. Our goal is to provide a quality service and help our clients achieve their corporate objectives.

As an innovator the important thing for you is to acheive a positive result simply and quickly. You need feel confident that things are moving in the right direction and your goals are on track. Our experience in the new product industry together and with those that create the ideas, means we have all the understanding, insights and skills to provide a service that is second to none. Our knowledge, experience and unique approach provides you with a professional and experienced innovation partner.

  • A partner with all the knowledge, knowhow and skills to transform your idea into a commercial product.
  • A partner who will make you and your product stand out from the crowd.
  • A partner who will provide you with all the tools to make others takes notice and say wow.
  • A partner who will support you throughout the journey. A partner who’s goal is to help you succeed.

We are a team of experienced, highly commercial product development and design professionals. We are active consultants for companies, innovators, entrepreneurs and private inventors all over the globe and regularly advise on innovation matters. Our skill set provides a solid and sound foundation for the analysis, evaluation, development and progression of a variety of good product propositions. Simply…. we are best innovation partner you will find.

As a business we operate at a different level. We believe great design is a conscious and deliberate arrangement of something useful, functional and beautiful. It goes beyond just surface aesthetics. Our job is not to go off on a creative adventure for the sake of creativity acclamation. Our job is to achieve positive results for our clients. What is important to our clients is what is important to us. We are not YES men. We only say YES when we think it’s the right decision and we will only support a project, if we think it’s worth supporting. Money is an issue but not as important as integrity and the pleasure of creating something that makes a positive difference.

No business can reach their goals without a network of service providers, who provide the necessary expertise and skills to achieve corporate objectives. Our network is the cornerstone of the business. A varied and comprehensive list of service providers from many disciplines of the business world. It is a network that allows us to deliver outstanding results for you and your invention. –      Design engineers in a variety disciplines. –      Packaging and branding consultants. –      Graphic and multimedia designers, brochures, literature, POS, websites etc. –      Prototypers, precision engineers, fabricators, rapid prototypers etc. –      Manufacturers, injection moulders, fabricators, assembly etc. –      Product testing and safety standard agencies. –      Focus groups, consumer and trade product advisers. –      Business consultants : IPR, finance, safety and testing, materials, compliance etc.

  • We will help you achieve results.
  • Any service that we offer will be bespokely designed to you and your requirements.
  • Your product will be impressive and will clearly stand out as being a credible business opportunity.
  • We will provide you with an impressive platform in which to communicate a powerful message.
  • We will provide you with all the technical support you need.
  • We shall not recommend anything that is not essential. Everything we do will be highly considered.
  • Any advice and guidance we provide will be for your benefit and not ours.
  • All the advise and guidance you will receive will be based on years of commercial and successful experience.
  • Everything we plan to undertake will be made clear right from the outset.
  • We will not tell you things simply to butter your ego.
  • We guarantee our work will deliver results. If not, we will refund the fees paid to us. *Terms Apply.



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